Art Sacks Story

Years ago my wife was doing decoupage plates and trays. She needed some way to store and stack them as well as put them in the car and take them somewhere. Bright woman that she is, she bought herself some light flannel and sewed up some simple, open ended bags that she could slip the pieces into. She’s moved on to other artistic endeavors but we still have some of the bags and we still store plates in them.

Not so many years ago, I had a similar problem. How to protect my expensively framed artwork when schlepping it around town to shows, showrooms, galleries and back. The “duh” moment came when I opened a closet and my answer, in bright yellow, lay before me.

I just needed bigger, tougher bags. And I’m not nuts about bright yellow.

Light flannel wouldn’t do, nor would regular flannel, which is still pretty flimsy. So after wandering around clueless in a fabric store, there, in several colors, lay another answer. I found felt.

It’s thick, but lightweight, and real easy to cut and sew, which was probably the most attractive thing about it for me. This dude doesn’t sew…or didn’t.

But pretty soon I was. The bags were not pretty–I can’t sew a straight line longer than my finger. I did put an extra layer of felt in the bottom. The only thing worse than a scratched frame is a chipped corner from hard landings on hard surfaces.

When I’d deliver my bagged artwork to a gallery, I could carry the pieces in, lean them against the wall, and drop the bag so one could see the work and it sat on the concrete floor with impunity. You could even pick it up and move it around the room and not have to worry about whacking the frame on said concrete floor every time you set it back down.

The only thing easier than dropping off is picking up. I slide the bag up from the bottom of the hanging art, lift the art off the wall, place it on the floor, pull the bag up, and flop the top over. I can empty a room or a booth in no time.

In fact I was packing up my work at a show on a Sunday night and everyone else was madly trying to use what remained of the packing materials that got them there, or new stuff that they had to buy. Meanwhile I’m dropping my work into these bags and carrying them out to the car. More that a few of my fellow exhibitors commented on the coolness of doing it that way. In fact most folks who see the bags, want to know how to get some.

That was another “duh” moment for me….and the guy I was exhibiting with. We formed a partnership and now you all know where to get these bags.

When we say these bags we actually mean these bags, not my old bags, because these are better bags. Way better bags. There are several important differences.

The first, and most important one is THEY ARE NOW SEWN BY PROFESSIONALS! We want to make that abundantly clear.

You can slip a card in a clear pouch to identify what’s in them, they are a most elegant black made in America using American made felt, and we don’t call them bags anymore.

They are Sacks.

My partner is Australian, and they don’t cotton to the word bag. Besides, bags are what you put grass clippings or groceries in. Not fine art.

Master of Sacks