The Product


  • Thick recycled felt
  • Made in America using American made fabric
  • Double (or triple layered) at the bottom for added protection
  • Multi-stitched throughout for added durability and strength
  • Clear vinyl pocket for Identification and custom labeling
  • 9 sizes to fit artwork up to 50” x 72”


  • 3 layers of felt between artwork stacked together
  • Thick, lightweight fabric protects from scratches and scuffs
  • Double or triple layer bottom prevents corner chipping and dings from hard, rough surfaces
  • Dirt and dust-free transport and storage
  • No tape, no shrink wrap, no bubble wrap, no cardboard corners
  • Easy delivery (no cutting or tearing packing material)
  • Quick take down and carry out
  • Quit throwing away used packing materials
  • Breathable fabric prevents moisture build-up and condensation

What size sack?

The sizes reflect the suggested maximum dimensions of an artwork that will easily fit into the sack. The actual dimensions of the sacks are larger, allowing for ease of handling and sufficient material to flop over the top.

Of course the side dimension of the piece comes into play, but our suggested sizes accommodate up to 3 inches in the larger sizes.